Heat Curing Epoxy Adhesives

Opelink High Temperature Epoxy EPO-TEK 353ND FIber Optic Epoxy Glue is a two component, heat curing epoxy designed for high temperature applications. It becomes a favorite epoxy of many fiber optic users.

Applied for mechanical processing and is strong enough to withstand temperature ranges.

The heat curing epoxy adhesive has high bonding strength for most materials and has a high absorbency (absorbency rate≤0.2%). After curing, the coating film will change into a transparent solid amber color.

Mixing ratio: A:B =10:1
Curing condition: 80℃ 30 minutes, 100℃ 15 minutes, 120℃ 10 minutes, 150℃ 1 minutes
Storage life: in room temperature, over 12 months (put part A and part B separately)
Working time: 1-2 days (room temperature), 10 days (0℃), 30 days (-15℃), with limit in 20 g

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