About Opelink

About Opelink

Opelink Technology is a high-tech enterprise with a focus on the design and production of optical communication equipment and accessories. We are among the industry leaders here in China and we owe that to our highly skilled and experienced production staff and engineers. We manufacture a complete selection of premium quality products including our fiber optic cables, optical circulators and many other active optical components.

Every stage of production in our workshops is carefully controlled, from raw material selection to assembly, packaging and transport. We do this to guarantee quality and ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with their delivery.

We are an authorized distributor of Nanolap Technologies, and we have authorization to sell Nanolap products in China. In addition to our products sold in China, we also do business in France, the United States, Brazil, South Korea, Russia and many other countries.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our optical communications products and welcome you to come visit our facilities in Shenzhen to see how we do what we do and meet some of our team members!